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Functional Areas

Ever Wondered if 3D Printing could be


Convert Your Ideas to Reality


  • Concept to Product Services.

  • Packaging Machine

  • Production Floor Quality Check automation

  • Home Automation

  • MicroGrid Control and Monitoring System

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3D Printing

  • FDM

    • ABS, PLA, Nylon, Carbon Fibre, Flexi​, PETG etc.

  • Resin Printing

    • Standard, Flexible, Castable, Tough Resin.

  • Metal 3D Printing

    • SS 316, Aluminium Grades, Titanium etc.​

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Reverse Engineering



  • New product Development

  • Imported Machine Spare Parts

  • Feature Enhancements

  • Both Plastic & Metal Products are being developed

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  • Precision Parts

  • Gears & Sprockets

  • Sheet Metal Fabrication

  • Production Jobs

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We Take Pride in Our Clients

3D Printing, Prototyping, Complex Geometry, Spare Parts
3D Printing
Dental Products
3D Printing Complex Parts
3D Printing Healthcare


               Cost.                                                              Deliverability.

At D R Technologies​ our Prime Objective is,

To take up Challenging projects and work towards excellence in

Providing: Best Quality, Customer Satisfaction through Quality Service & Support &

To Develop : Precision, Optimized, Cost Effective, Robust Products.

Our team is well built in terms of Experience and Young minds which collaborate and deliver Qualitative solutions to complex problems which are more cost effective.

Our Key Strengths

Being Competitive in the market is derived by the character with which we approach a problem and without Strengthening ourselves the task becomes more complex each day.

With proper Strengthening factors we can tackle most complex situations with ease. 

Technology Understanding

Understanding Client requirements and adapting right Technologies to get the work done each time without any hurdles. 


Knowledge about different Technologies and Sectors gives us an Edge in giving Efficient and Cost Effective Solution to any Difficult Problems.


Adaptability  in understanding a problem is key in any execution, Which we are very good at.


Time to Market is the Key to Success for any product in a competitive market and being Qualitative is a likely challenge, which we will always keep to our hearts and deliver the best.

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